Jan 18th

Health benefits of cutting out meat from your diet

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Food for thought – To eat meat or not to eat meat – that is the question.

A vegetarian in my 40´s, my health and body have never felt healthier. I teach yoga and manage yoga and health retreat holidays in Valencia, Spain.

During the yoga holidays we encourage awareness in everything we do, and also provide a tasty, interesting and nutritional vegetarian menu. Health retreats give us the chance to try
new things, to break free from old habits and to look at how we can be healthier for longer.

My husband, also a vegetarian, is six feet tall and weighs in at a healthy 90 kilos, far away from the anemic and weak, nutritionally challenged stereotype.

So why would I, or anyone else want to eat the flesh of an animal?

Is it stuck habits, laziness or lack of education?

More importantly, what gives us the right to kill another living being for food?


Keith Wilson in his blog Evolution, Ethics and the Morality of Vegetarianism, argues that:

´´if altruism towards one's own relatives and immediate kin is the root cause of moral behaviour (as appears to be the case) then, by extension, we have a moral responsibility not only towards other people, but towards animals too, and ultimately to all other forms of life.´´

A once, big meat-eater himself, he ends his article: ´´So far, cutting out meat has actually been easier than I imagined, as once I started, I found that I actually wanted to eat less meat. A lot of the other things I've found to replace it (various kinds of vegetables, nuts, and in some cases fish) are actually quite tasty, and although I need to brush up on my vegetarian cookery skills, I can actually imagine myself eating no meat whatsoever for the first time ever. Regardless of whether you agree with the above argument or not, it's certainly worth giving some thought as to whether it is right that supposedly intelligent creatures such as ourselves should kill other animals for food, and if so, under what conditions. We have a responsibility to look after other the creatures with whom we share this world, and that may just be something we need to remind ourselves of once in a while.´´


Maybe it is just a matter of time before we´re all vegetarians. As we evolve and grow, we will want to live more peaceful, non-violent lives?

Maybe you can change your diet gradually, or cut out red meat, or just cut
down. Try it. On our yoga and health retreats guests hardly  notice the totally green menu, and they leave us feeling refreshed and healthy.

Try it – you never know, you might like it. Your body, the planet and your purse will thank you for it.

Nikki Bates.  Yogi and Vegetarian.  Manager of Feel Great Breaks- yoga and health retreats in Spain. live, laugh, love…life changing vacations


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