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About us

Who we are

Feel Great Breaks are Nikki Bates and Jess Howell, plus a team of experienced and passionate health and customer care professionals who come together to ensure that when you choose a Yoga holiday with us, you will have the time of your life.

What we do

We work tirelessly to ensure that our holidays not only offer great yoga and meditation, but with each break offering a different theme, you will also learn more about life, your place in it, and maybe even learn a new skill. We lovingly design and plan our itineraries so that whichever one you choose, you will leave us with a new lease of life, feeling calmer and more connected than ever before, not just to the earth but to those you share it with. Whichever Feel Great Break you choose, we will ensure you make the most of our surroundings and our climate so that your time spent with us will be long remembered.


Although our weekends differ depending on the seasons or the theme, Yoga remains at the core of what we do. With more than three hours of yoga and meditation each day, whether you´re a beginner or have a regular practise, you will love our passion for yoga and you will learn so much about this ancient science and how to move your practise off the mat and into your daily life. We combine a perfect blend of fun and flowing vinyasa; yin yoga on the last morning, when maybe you´re feeling a little stiff; partner and group yoga on the last evening, when we come together, reflect on our experience and practise together as a group. Plus throughout the weekend, you´ll be guided through thought provoking and inspiring meditations. Rest assured, you will laugh loads, maybe cry a little too, but most of all, you will be thoroughly and adequately challenged, fulfilled and inspired.

Free time

In your free time, our hand-picked therapists will provide some of the oldest alternative therapies alongside some of the newest. Alternatively, you can use the gym, chill out in the grounds, read in the library, have a sauna, swim in the pool or soak in the jacuzzi. You will also enjoy delicious and nutritious vegetarian food in our award-winning restaurant along with freshly prepared uber-healthy, homemade snacks, juices and smoothies.

All inclusive

Our unique, all-inclusive packages include energy boosting, hearty brunches and three- three course dinners – (wine is included with your evening meal); plus teas, water and fresh fruit; plus twice daily yoga; mindful walks and bike rides, plus depending upon the break you choose, various chats and workshops. Plus take home thoughtful gifts handmade by us. They say that beauty is not in the face, it is a light in the heart. When you’re healthy on the inside, you glow on the outside. Feeling great and being positive about yourself is the best way to combat stress, stay healthy and enjoy life to the absolute full. So dont just sit there! Take the plunge right now and join us in Spain for the best Yoga holidays on the planet.

Life’s not just good. Life’s great with Feel Great Breaks.

Our Mission

To inspire you to feel great about yourself.
To inspire [in-spahy-uh-r] : To fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative, or To create (a feeling, especially. a positive one) in a person.
To feel great [feel-greyt] : To make one happy or satisfied.