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The FGB Team

“Choose a job you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Confucius

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Working alongside Jess Howell and Nikki Bates at your yoga retreat are world-class resident and freelance therapists offering you the best traditional and alternative therapies.

Nikki on Jess

Sometimes in life you meet people with whom you just click. Like you’re on the same wavelength. Souls you can relax with and be yourself. Jess is one of these. I love being with her and always look forward to seeing her. I love her character, her smile, her laugh, and the fact she’s so unaware of how bloody beautiful she is. I love hugging her for a little bit too long, cos she doesn’t like it. We do have a giggle together. Our senses or humor are aligned and I really like to make her laugh. Usually at very inappropriate things. She almost killed me once when we were practicing partner yoga. She dropped me on my head. That was very funny. I can’t think of another human being I’d rather work with, although it doesn’t feel like work when we’re together. It’s fun, happy and exciting, and long may we reign as buddies and business partners. She’s kind, considerate, warm, hard working, honest, and a totally fabulous woman. I love her. She’s like family to me and I’d do anything for her.

Jess on Nikki

I’m not sure which came first, our friendship or me going to Nikki’s yoga classes. One thing I do know is that both have been a constant during my time in Spain, and I couldn’t be without either. I remember thinking: Who is this ethereal yoga teacher? Such poise, grace and knowledge, I challenge anyone not to feel completely secure and blissed out in one of her classes.And then there are our fun times spent off the mat ☺ Oh how we laugh and cry, and laugh so much we cry too sometimes. Her absolute forte is breaking the ice and lightening any mood. I cherish her upbeat attitude to life. Don’t be surprised if she cracks out a box of After Eight Dinner Mints, but do not be fooled into thinking she will allow you to just eat them!!! She has me gaffawing with laughter at the most inappropriate of times, but then, it always feels appropriate to be beaming when around her. She is my buddy, my pard…and we have definitely built up FGB around our love for one another.