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Our Yoga

Feel Great Breaks offer guests three heavenly hours of Yoga practice each day, with qualified and experienced teachers.

Classes will include lots of laughter, lots of personal attention and adjustment plus:

  • Guidance through the families of yoga postures and sequences to enhance your understanding of alignment and structural anatomy
  • Pranayama practise – techniques to calm mind and body and reduce stress
  • A variation of yoga styles, including hatha, yin and vinyasa flow
  • Opportunity to practice partner yoga, including flying & acro yoga plus guidance and encouragement to master more challenging postures such as arm balances.
  • Mindfulness Practise – learn how to stay present and fully participating in what you are doing, even throughout the postures you dont like!
  • Staying motivated and developing a well-rounded, lifelong practise, beyond the physical
  • Guided meditations, rituals and exercises to help you get more out of your life

Each day, enjoy two master classes to improve and enhance your self-experience of yoga, of asana, pranayama and bandha. Learn more about the 8-fold path and how to take yoga off the mat and into your life.

Classes are fun and light-hearted and not at all serious. We are however, serious about the safety of everyone in class. All bodies are not created equal and as we are all a tad asymmetrical, the same advice and instructions do not work for all. Guests are encouraged to find the right posture-practice for you and for your own body. Listening and exploration within each posture allows you to find your own unique shape

Once you have booked your Feel Great Break, feel free to write to us with any questions you may have at info@feelgreatbreaks.com

Yoga sessions are held each morning and afternoon, and weather permitting, take place in the open air within the hotel grounds or at the beach. We also have a yoga room to practice in doors when required.

We supply all equipment such as mats, blankets, eye-bags, blocks and straps. But you can also bring your own gear if you prefer. If there is something specific you would like help with when you are here, we are always available and willing to help you develop and deepen your practice. One-to-one sessions are also available.

Personal Experience

Personal Experience

Nikki turned to Yoga after suffering with chronic back pain for over 15 years. At one stage, she was unable to bend over the sink to brush her teeth. After exhausting many therapies and treatments, including hanging upside down on an inversion table, she attended a local yoga class and hasn’t looked back.

“Yoga is not just a physical practice. We usually attend class for a myriad of reasons, to help with stress, to get stronger, or like me, to help with a back problem, but as your practice develops and blossoms, you learn that yoga is actually a way of life. There is no separation between class and life. Yoga teachings help us be more aware of ourselves and others and more forgiving. You become more aware of just how unaware you are. And you learn to find ways of coming back to the moment. You find the “you” that is always there hiding behind your thoughts; the “you” that is always there between your breaths; the “you” that is totally participating in your life right at this moment. You will have little breakthroughs now and again that show you that you are on the path to becoming more involved with life, more open, more sharing and more complete. “